5 Reasons College Students Should Join PRCA

By: Mary Sergeant, PRCA Mobile Student Affairs Chairman When I was in college a little over four years ago the last thing I wanted to do was add another meeting to my calendar. But, through being involved in organizations on campus and in my community, I saw my abilities strengthen, network expand and opportunities for […]

How to Network with PR Professionals

By: Shellie Teague – President, PRCA Mobile As public relations professionals, we’re often in the know of ALL the events. Networking after hours, coffee chats, speaker luncheons, and special events are on our calendars and radars at all times. While I enjoy a good luncheon or after-hours event, I’m here to tell you to toss […]

PRCA Mobile Toolkit 2019

Do you ever feel that you spend so much time trying to keep up with the latest PR trends that you neglect the tried and true basics? Technology has made communication faster and more accessible, but the all-important content remains the same. It’s our job to make sure that our message is communicated in the […]

Top 8 Tips for Submitting PRCA Awards

I know it’s June and we are just months out from completing the 2017 state awards program, and then I even turned around and asked you to help me judge awards for West Virginia (gasp!); so WHY am I here talking about awards… again? Simple. To keep you thinking about the awards process! While things […]