Toolkit Talks: A Conference on Communication Strategies and Resources

Friday, June 23, 2023 | 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. 
Bishop State Community College – Center for Advanced Manufacturing
351 N Broad Street, Mobile, AL 36603

Member: $75 | Guest: $85 | Students: $30

Session 1: Color Theory 
with Kinnon Phillips, APR – Public Relations and Strategy Director, JJPR Agency, 
and Sarah Grube, Creative Director, JJPR Agency

Impact your design projects by harnessing the power of color theory. Understand the color wheel, human optical ability, psychology, 
and culture to pick the perfect colors every time.

Kinnon Phillips has created measurably successful branding and PR programs that include travel and tourism; 
business and nonprofit associations; industrial manufacturers and energy, oil and gas companies 
for the past 25 years. His combination of creativity and strategic thinking leads to well-thought, candid, 
complete communications and branding plans that change the tide.

Sarah Grube leads creative development at JJPR, designing and creating innovative campaigns 
for local and national companies and developing comprehensive branding 
and marketing packages including logos, signage, advertising, web design, user experience, print materials 
and building integrated campaigns for our clients. She has  worked in the industry more than 10 years, 
and has built and maintained brands for local startup companies, national brands, as well as international businesses.

Session 2: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matter with Jennifer Zoghby, PhD

This interactive discussion will include group-work on diversity in our organizations (successes, barriers to diversity), 
and how we, as PR professionals, can serve as internal (or external) consultants and change-makers on diversity. 
We will also discuss how to approach and to handle resistance to change and to diversity efforts.

Session 3: Media Panel/PR Discussion with Jennifer Jenkins, APR, President of JJPR Agency and Founder of The PR Pros

Jennifer Jenkins is a public relations strategist, entrepreneur, and a huge fan of Dolly Parton. A small-town girl from Alabama, 
she believes the power of storytelling is what grows brands. JJPR has grown from an upstart, solo public relations firm 
with one client to a team of eleven serving dozens of clients. JJPR ranked as one of the top three PR firms in the state 
by Business Alabama last year.

Media Panelists: 

Kelly Finley, News Director/Anchor/Host with WNSP

Dale Liesch, Assistant Managing Editor/Reporter for Lagniappe

Kym Anderson, News Anchor with WPMI, NBC 15 News

Maggie Kates, Journalist, Editor and Reporter for Alabama Media Grou

Session 4: Prioritizing Your Mental Health with Courtney Nall, M.A., LPC

Focusing on mental health care can be the key to improved productivity, enhanced self-image, and healthier relationships!
Prioritizing our mental wellbeing can help us achieve a better balance between work, school, and personal life
as well as allowing us to make more time for rest, hobbies, and connecting with friends. 

Courtney Nall is a newly practicing licensed counselor in Mobile. Her practice includes 
providing psychotherapy for youth ages 3 to 18, adults, couples and families. Nall completed her graduate degree in Marriage 
and Family Counseling at the University of Mobile and her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Spring Hill College. 
She is a member of the American Counseling Association and is an Associate Licensed Counselor in the state of Alabama.

Session 5: AI and I with Dr. Aviv Segev

What is AI? What is Machine Learning? Do I need to hide before the machines come looking for me 
or can I take advantage of them for my daily life and work? We’ll discuss the current applications of AI and try to see 
where the technology is heading in the near future and down the road. 

Aviv Segev is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science of the School of Computing 
at the University of South Alabama. His research interest is looking for the DNA of knowledge, 
an underlying structure common to all knowledge, through analysis of knowledge models in natural sciences, 
knowledge processing in natural and artificial neural networks, and knowledge mapping between different knowledge domains. 
In 2004 he received his Ph.D. from Tel-Aviv University in Technology and Information Systems. 
After spending the majority of his life studying AI and its functions, Segev has become a local, go-to professional 
when it comes to the topic. He  will address how AI has changed the communications trajectory 
and how this change may affect the marketing and PR professions.